June 15, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7, Week 3 PART 1


*So Gordon literally raised his own soccer team.

*Wooo, made it to Week 3 before a serious burn!  No ambulance, though.  Robert may have used up all the medical drama last season.

*Salvatore makes an ill-advised attempt to hide his failure to note a diner's doneness preference on the ticket.  This displeases Mecha-Ramsay.   Salvatore tries to bail, but JP talks him down, for now at least.

*Fran's inevitable meltdown has begun apace! All of her meat is cooked incorrectly.  She pretends not to be burned, and gets pissy with her teammates for expressing concern.  Autumn turns her in.  Eww, that's an ugly burn, actually.

*Jamie's "flavor profile is always spot-on"...  if you seek a "burnt" flavor profile.  Appropriately, she is toast.