June 18, 2010

Oh Come On

Not only do I believe that several lucky people walked on the moon, I also believe that Paul McCartney is very much alive.

Sigh, the internet disagrees.

There's a documen-- no, let's say film--called "Paul McCartney Really Is Dead".  It purports to be based on audio tapes mailed to the filmmakers in 2005.  The tapes purport to be George Harrison blowing the lid off the whole "coverup".  There is a whole lot of purporting going on.

My favorite part of this flavor of the Paul Is Dead conspiracy is that it requires you to believe that Heather Mills caused the supposed car crash, and that she has kept her true identity secret with the help of a boatload of plastic surgery.  Also, this means she is pretending to be roughly 25 years younger than she is.  (But you can continue to believe that she's a glorified extortionist, which is maybe the one component of this story that rings true.)

I'm really hoping this is more of a Blair Witch thing, or better yet a grand hoax in the manner of Clifford Irving.  Surely, nobody could be gullible enough to take some anonymously-mailed tapes at face value, right?

Wait.  Internet.  Never mind.