June 9, 2010

The Tackiness, Much Like The Light On The Luxor, Can Be Seen From Space

So there's this mob-themed attraction opening in Las Vegas.  The Las Vegas Mob Experience is "a highly interactive, immersive experience anchored by a collection of over 1,000 authentic artifacts once belonging to the famous organized crime figures who helped create the Las Vegas we know today".

No judgmental neb-noses here!  "The Las Vegas Mob Experience neither glorifies nor vilifies the Mob, it simply presents a historically accurate view of what guests will decide are either a group of ruthless gangsters or ordinary individuals who lived extraordinary lives."

Brought to you by Murder, Inc.
No, really.  Murder Inc., LLC. 

It gets better!  They have competition.  Great, can we expect a turf battle?  The Bonanno Wars all over again!