June 15, 2011


I'm valiantly trying to avoid becoming a walking stereotype, but if you wanted to see the Irish-German Taurus temperament in action...  well.  Look in the old Musician's Union.  (Sadly, the bar's gone, or I could go for the furious-stubborn-tipsy trifecta.)

Without sharing anyone else's news...  let's just say the Lusitania is even less of a party barge when guys climb out of the U-Boat to smash up lifeboats. 

I also received the most pointless letter of all time, attempted to call the appropriate party to clear up my many unanswered questions, got punted to voice mail Hell, and then spent a good 45 minutes composing a remarkably civil email in the smallest possible words.

It's a beautiful day.  I'm going home soon.  I'm drawing breath.

I keep telling myself these things.