June 6, 2011

The Sad Waste Of This Wonderful Invention

God love him, a friend of mine just sent me a link to some job listings.  Seems there's this group looking to start a radio station next month.

I thanked my friend, and assured him that I'm well aware of--and completely uninterested in--the openings.

Barring some sort of massively unanticipated turn of events, DUQ as we know it will end with June.  (People ask me how that's possible when the FCC hasn't ruled one way or the other yet on the license transfer.  The belief is that EPM will take control under an LMA.  It is unknown whether any current staff members will be offered a position with the new organization.)

It's all about the practicalities now.  I've been taking my bric-a-brac home, bag by bag.  My wall is almost bare now.  I took down the Marx Brothers and A Great Day In Harlem today, so you know the end is near.

When I started at DUQ--thirteen years ago yesterday, in a building that doesn't exist anymore--I never could have imagined that it would end quite like this. 

Other paths will appear--oddly enough, I'm more or less back on the track I was on back in 1998, only I am now infinitely more prepared to succeed.   I'll be OK.  Come July 1, I won't be huddled under a blanket with a cat and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Maple Blondie.  (It'll be July.  No need for a blanket.)
Doesn't change the fact that I feel the sort of pain that only comes from being unable to save something you truly love.

This has never been just a job.  This has never been just a radio station.  And Pittsburgh has never been just another city.

The elite fraternity of "things that aren't there anymore" is about to grow in membership.  Somehow, though we know our history in this town, we still manage to repeat it.