July 19, 2011

No Quarter

Pittsburgh isn't quite like any other town. And while in many ways that's a wonderful thing, our local quirks can compel... head-scratching?  Adaptation? Adjustment of normative expectations?  Streams of profanity, muttered under the breath?

For instance, despite the fact that this is a hoppin' urban area, good luck hailing a cab.  For that matter, good luck calling a cab. (Well, you can call them, they just don't show.)  Auntie Bee's Tip Of The Day: Just go to the taxi stand outside the William Penn. You're welcome.

It's a mere eleven days until I can get my new Pitt ID, which will serve as a bus pass, which will be vastly more convenient than fiddling around with change every time I need to go outside of Bloomfield/L-Ville.

In recent years, I haven't missed the joys of feeding quarters into a tiny slot while rolling along in a PAT bus, or of making sure I have exact change all the time.  I hadn't had to scramble for quarters since I left the cash-sucking laundry room in my old apartment behind.  ($1.50 to wash, $1.50 to dry, and most loads needed two rounds in the dryer.  Renting has hidden expenses*.)

Anyway, yes, it will be a joy to have the public transportation system (near) freely at my disposal again.  We GSPIAns** are advised that it is best to go to the ID center early, so as to avoid the long lines of undergraduates later in the month.  That's right, I'm rolling VIP!

In the meantime...  I'll keep strategically paying cash whenever I can get nice $1 bills in change, and I'll continue to be shocked that transfers now cost a full dollar.  I remember when they were a quarter.  No, really.

I have a feeling my classmates will be asking me if I was at Forbes Field for Maz' World Series home run‡.

*On the other hand, homeownership meant a cool $30K of unexpected repairs right off the bat... so I guess it didn't exactly come out in the wash.  (Ha!  Wash! A little laundry humor there.  Very little.)

**Not my coinage.  It's growing on me, as is the "Gisspeeuh" pronunciation.

...and quoting Kevin Federline.  Nobody could be more surprised or horrified than me, Dear Reader.

‡  This is, of course, silly.  But to me, this "Posvar Hall" of which they speak will always be Forbes Quad.