October 29, 2011

A Veritable Halloween Basket Of Random Links

Michael Pollan is doing a countdown of his favorite food rules in advance of the release of the illustrated version of, uh, Food Rules.  Gotta admit, this book is the Pollan work I'm least enamored with--it's uncharacteristically oversimplified and can come off a wee bit preachy--but there's still some good stuff here if taken with a grain of salt.  (Even salt's OK in moderation.  Honest.  Fight blandness wherever you find it!)

From the department of News You Almost Certainly Will Never Have Occasion To Use...  an intriguing look at prison cell cuisine.  From legal "pies" made with commissary goods (but no oven) to several grades of decidedly non-regulation booze...  well, this ought to be enough to convince you to refrain from mayhem and rioting, be honest on your taxes, and leave the tag on your mattress.

In other news, my subconscious is leaking again.

Here's the kind of extry-geeky commitment to pulling off an elaborate inside joke that I appreciate in Glitch.  (You don't need to have played the game to enjoy the link.)

And finally, check out pictures of some amazing French buildings...

...The amazing part is they're all 1:30 scale.

Seriously.  Go look.  Wowza.