November 25, 2011

Friday, Friday, Gotta Stay In On Friday

I would love to say that I avoided all retail on Black Friday, but the hairy personages do tend to insist upon being fed, so I had to make a quick grocery run.  Other than that, though...  #occupyhouse.  I spent the day working on papers and drinking coffee.  Nothing like taking a cold and dispassionate look at the day planner to spark a good, solid panic about those end-of-semester deadlines.  Just under two weeks to my econ final, yikes!  (Despite the fact that I have now been well and soundly educated by not one but  two acolytes of Milton Friedman, I still believe in commie ideas like the minimum wage.)

Outside of my little cocoon, the block is starting to light up.  I think one of the reasons I feel so at home in my neighborhood is that it's cobbled together from a couple of identities.  Bloomfield or Lawrenceville?  Old-school, blue collar 'Burgh or [whatever the hell it is we're calling yuppies these days]?  Yes!  But right now, the Bloomfield wins, hands down.  Strings of colored bulbs and thick ropes of tinselly garland hang from stoop railings. Hip?  Not even a little bit, but why front?  It's Christmas.  We can pretend to be upwardly mobile again some time next year.

APROPOS OF NOTHING: You live in a world in which Jon Hamm and Garry Marshall have been in a freestyle rap battle.  No, really.  47:45.