January 2, 2012

First And Ten

Here we are, folks, tremblingly ready to sully the honor of this fresh new year. With two days down and 364 to go--February 29 comes FREE with purchase of 2012--I am already cautiously optimistic that Things Are Looking Up. Ever so cautiously, since it has to be said that January has not been particularly good to me for some years now, and in fact has been kind of a flaming infected boil in the Secondmost calendar. But there is hope, and there is coolness in the offing, and thus far the things breaking in my house have been relatively minor. (Fingers crossed!) (Also, note that in the relativist playground that is my nightmare bottomless money pit of an abode, a dead fridge is "minor.")

I've never been big into New Year's resolutions. I don't look at a new year's mere existence to motivate, I don't know, weight loss? A fearless career move? Going back to school? Nope. Those things happen for reasons far more profound than an old calendar hitting the trash.

But, as the coffee grounds and potato peelings pile up on top of the 2011 calendar, it seems a good time to take stock. To honor the profound changes that the last year brought. To regard hard-won lessons--both the knowledge gained and the tears tendered for it.

It is time now to build this new year, to be guided and chastened by all that has been before.