February 1, 2012

Adam West Called. He Wants His Utility Belt Jokes Back.

At the risk of swallowing the blogger bait, there's a story in Pop City today about a local firm developing an item called the LikeBelt.

And really, you must go read the article, especially in the unlikely event that you're a writer for "Arrested Development" looking for a new Gob Bluth scheme*.

See, the LikeBelt has this large plastic disc on it that looks like a chichibooboo "wet floor" symbol, with little Amorphous Floorbound Fellow rendered in a hue just a touch more orange than 2012 Pantone Color Of The Year Tangerine Tango.  The disc is wired up to the internet (I would assume through your smartphone, though I am FAR too busy snarking about it to check), and will allow you to register "Likes" on your Facebook account.

The idea is that businesses, as well as other people lacking fashion sense or dignity, will have also discs.

So, what you do is, you find something you like and then grind your pelvis into it to register your approval.  As far as proof of concept, one could note that similar methodology seems to work for Snooki**.  Anyway, as the article explains it:

For example, if you're in your favorite bakery and there's a Like tag at the counter, a pelvic thrust could save you a few calories.

"It's a proximity system," Miller says. "Sort of like slapping high-five or humping."

(And we all know that humping is way more satisfying than clicking.)

Times are tough all over--sometimes, the second entendre is just another victim of budget cuts.  Anywho.  As much as I want to believe that this is a deliberately silly publicity stunt...  uh, they're hiring.  Seriously.  Three engineers.

Well, I bid good luck to you, LikeBelt folk.  You're going to get some good stories out of this experience, though I can't honestly imagine that there's an untapped market for electronically-assisted counter humping.

Also, I don't want to have to worry about whether my dress material falls flatteringly under a big plastic disc.  Hmmm, have you thought about cuff bracelets?

*And if that would happen to be the case, no pressure or anything, but the ENTIRE INTERNET will hate you if the new eps suck.  OK?  Cheery bye.
**I have never seen an episode of "Jersey Shore" and yet find myself completely unable to leave that joke on the table.