February 18, 2012

Separated At Birth?: Cheap Publicity Stunt Edition

Dear Raquel Welch,

Am in receipt of your assertion that Mae West was a drag queen owing to the fact that she looked kinda rough as an elderly woman and also once lost a press-on nail in your presence.  Wish to direct your attention to institutions we call "bingo halls," in which you will find much of same.  Anywho, since it's totally classy to spread obviously bullshit rumors about a dead person, I'm sure you won't mind my pointing out your current strong resemblance to RuPaul, in addition to the fact that your primary activity in recent years has been selling wigs.

Frankly, Raquel, I just, like, get a vibe about you.

Plastic surgery victim and wig vendor Raquel Welch

...and obvious muse (and infinitely classier human being)