April 6, 2012

The New Normal

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Posted to Pitt Memes by Jamie Bono.
In today's bomb threat news roundup...  The Post-Gazette explains email proxies to your parents so you don't have to.  The Trib confirms that the consensus to date is that the perpetrator is probably a harmless asshole kid, but law enforcement must proceed under the understanding that it could be a psycho asshole kid.  And it's worth looking at The Pitt News to get a flavor of how students and faculty are trying to adapt.  (I have to admit, I question the wisdom of floating one's specific Plans B in print, given that these are probably going to be regarded by the perp as a serving suggestion for future threats.)

Anyone following the troubles on the Pitt campus should check out Stop The Pitt Bomb Threats, a blog run by Andrew Fournaridis.  (A quick Google search identifies Fournaridis as a market analyst at the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, so rest assured we're not looking at some crank whose professional credentials consist of owning the full run of NUMB3RS on DVD.) There's an abundance of data and, naturally, a great deal of speculation.  It does rather throw the scale of the problem into sharp relief to realize that this has been going on long enough to provide material for a free-standing blog.

Some people crack in the face of uncertainty and exhaustion and nervousness. Some crack wise. For a rather impressive sampling of the latter, if you're on Facebook, cast an eye over Pitt Memes.

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