April 12, 2012

Schedule OMG-NO, Unmitigatedly Interminable Bureaucratic Codswallop

I actually don't mind paying my taxes, at least in the sense of contributing revenue to the government. I do despise the paperwork. No matter how many degrees you complete, taxes are the homework assignment you never grow out of. Tax time is like that dream where you're in a terrifying similacrum of your junior high algebra class, in your underwear, when the building catches fire and you can't escape. (NOTE TO SELF: May still have lingering psychological issues from math class.)

And, oh!, the Kafkaesque experience of trying to locate appropriate instructions on the IRS website; even the simplest, most literal search term gives you thirty results for corporate taxes and back taxes and taxes affecting legal aliens before finally yielding anything substantively relevant to what you need.
Wading through impenetrable prose is what I do--what hope has someone who has a life?

But, thanks to the glory that is tax preparation software, even my horrendously complex taxes weren't too much of a time suck. I shudder to think of handling all of this mess without plain English instructions.

I salute the fine folks who wrestled with code--tax and programming--to make my April much more pleasant than it would otherwise be.  Given the opportunity, I'll buy you a round. (You can then clarify whether or not I can deduct it as a business expense if I write about it.)