May 7, 2012

Monday Linkdump: Lovely Soft Breezes Edition

Well, here we are in a roarin' new week--exciting, right? There will be fun and sunshine and probably a whole bucketload of pollen deposited by nature directly into your personal sinuses just because Momma Nature loves you, sweetie.

So, let's catch up a bit and orient ourselves on this Monday...

  • We all saw this unfortunate choice of typeface in last week's Trib, right? Or, as everyone I showed it to said immediately (and I quote): "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  • I'll Have Another won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, thus likely becoming the next horse to not win the Triple Crown because I totally jinxed it with my birth. SMLTS favoritest jockey in the whole wide world Calvin Borel came in an ouchworthy next-to-last on the injured Take Charge Indy, who is likely to recover nicely from upcoming surgery to remove a bone chip from his left front pastern. 
  • Because the horse will be OK, I feel morally cleared for having made several "He is named after the dog?" jokes before the race. And in the course of looking for the relevant clip, I stumbled across the fact that the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is impossibly wonderful when dubbed in Italian. 

  • Would you like to see pianist and jazz Zelig Marian McPartland recognized at the Kennedy Center Honors? Sign here.
  • According to an email from Comcast--sorry, "XFinity*"--Desperate Housewives is apparently still on the air, and, uh, about not to be. I seriously thought it had been cancelled, like, three years ago. Am clueless about trash TV that isn't a reality show featuring Gordon Ramsay or Joan and Melissa Rivers. (Or... all three! I'm thinking an adventure roadtrip sort of thing. OMG WE MUST MAKE THIS HAPPEN, PPL!)
  • If you're in the market for perceptive, eloquent, and insanely prompt** Mad Men recaps, check in with The AV Club every Monday. (Spoileriffic, of course.) Yes, some of the best cultural criticism being produced today is coming from a spinoff of The Onion
  • And finally, some silliness apropos of absolutely nothing at all... 

*Was I the only person at the dawn of that rebranding effort who wondered if they wanted it pronounced "Transfinity"? And on the topic of dubious pronunciations, have you noticed that Marriott has stopped trying to make us rhyme their name with "chariot"?  
**Seriously, they don't get advance screeners. This was written overnight, guys.